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A coach’s job is to share best practices, collect and analyze feedback, put aces in places, motivate the team, and produce results. Requirements are a solid starting point, adaptable strategy, a measurement for growth and a way to communicate it all.

In order to mold and develop your team into key players and those ready to take your brand to the next level, food, service, and employee evaluations may be necessary. In order to grow your fan-base and community engagement, surveying the fans (guests) to learn what their likes and dislikes and how we can get them to return more often and bring friends will be important. We’ll be coaching both your staff and guests alike on exactly what to say about you – creating a brand, a feeling, an experience.

Every restaurant’s success depends on the strength of the team behind it. Every team need a coach, someone to handle the research on the other teams, motivate them from within, strategize, cheerlead, hold them accountable, over-communicate, and answer the questions during the climb to the top.

What questions do you have? Have you ever made the mistake of heading straight into marketing or operations without proper research, training or evaluation systems in place? Take a look below at some of the questions you may have and which of our unique services will lead you to the solution. Depending on your questions and objectives, we’ll decide the best way to collect feedback and dive right in!

Have you ever wondered how your staff or guests describe your restaurant to others? How about how your staff behaves when you’re not there?

We’ll go undercover as a guest or employee, initiate coach led or mystery diner secret shops at your location, and organize focus groups to get the inside scoop!  

How do you stack up to competition? Are both your food and service on point? What areas are opportunities for improvement?

We provide full restaurant evaluations on operations, service, food, training, and marketing, from a simple one-time shop to a 7-day site visit. We can also create custom secret shopper programs for you and devise evaluation and reward systems to increase employee retention, guest loyalty and overall sales.  

Have you ever worked hard on a promotion just for it to fall flat, not achieving the results you’d hoped? Wish you had a way to test new menu items on smaller cross sections of guests before rolling them out?

Not only will we complete a full marketing evaluation on all current and previously used marketing and advertising expenditures, but we’ll also survey guests through table visits, potential guests through surveys and focus groups, and compare the findings with results of any similar programs ongoing in the industry through market research.

With our unique coach-led focus groups you’ll gain the perspective of 8-12 industry professionals and can answer specific questions regarding menu development or service, or you can request a population representative of your current target audience to get a true sampling of community members to give honest feedback on menu items, promotions events and more.

Wish you could “train” your guests on what to say? Would you like a unique opportunity to showcase your food and service?

We offer a tested and proven system that includes hosting behind-the-scene tours and roundtables at your location. By giving the hand-selected guests an experience to remember, we’ll create your best brand ambassadors and most loyal guests.

Thinking about opening another location? Wondering what your competitors are up to? Not sure which community or business partnerships would make the most sense for your location?

We’ll help you with site visits and pre-opening marketing, share best practices and teach you about shopping the competition, and we will help you determine exactly who your community and business partners should be through a thorough 5-mile market survey and analysis.

Don’t let these questions go unanswered…

As a restaurant coach who combines operations management and regional marketing experience with public relations research and campaigns tactics, I’ll be able to answer all of your unanswered questions, catch issues before they arise, improve the culture of your restaurant and guarantee lasting sales through people development, passion, and partnership.

Full Listing of Research Services

Coach Evaluations on Operations, Service, and Marketing

Identification of Your Niche, Target Market, and Key Selling Points

Site Visits, 1-day to 10-day

Mystery Diner Shops or Stings

Focus Groups

Behind the Scenes Tours and Roundtables

Conducting Table Visits and In-House Research

Conducting Market Research

Analysis of Current Marketing and Advertising Expenditures

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