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If you have a fully trained and knowledgeable staff who’s able to capture and retain first time guests, then you’re ready to step up your marketing

Strategic Sales Building Process at IYCM  

  • Identifying your niche, measurable objectives, target audiences  
  • Maximizing existing connections, discovering new partnerships  
  • Developing a strategic plan to reach those objectives, measure successes  
  • Going above & beyond to wow, convert first time clients to loyal repeat clients  
  • Developing people through training, tools, empowerment, support & coaching  
  • Earning media attention through community partnership & giving back  
  • Growing the brand based on reputation, relationships, and excellence in people, product & service

We practice Local Store Marketing (LSM) which means building relationships in order to build lasting and growing sales. LSM specifically focuses on building partnerships with schools, churches, businesses, hotels, and non-profits in the 5-mile radius surrounding the restaurant. Some popular restaurants that practice LSM and community involvement are Texas Roadhouse and Chik-fil-A.

Marketing begins inside the four walls of the restaurant

The quickest way to increase sales is by increasing the guest check averages through up-sells and add-ons via suggestive selling and by increasing the guest frequency, bringing back that Friday night guest for a second Tuesday visit for example, through promotional and event marketing and a proper invite back. Instead of reaching to outside events, look to manager and marketer table visits to find events, caterings fundraisers, and overall best connections and brand ambassadors.

There are no cookie cutter molds to the perfect hotel program, or the perfect school program, but there are proven and tested methods we’ve developed that lead to a large return on investment (ROI) and ongoing relationships. Instead of approaching schools with templates for 10% nights, we help you determine unique and mutually beneficial partnerships that are a joy to keep up rather than a chore. Not only will we build you custom LSM programs specifically targeting First Time Guests/Building Regulars or reaching outside the restaurant to community organizations or businesses, but we can also help you develop the person to upkeep all of the relationships and programs through our Restaurant Marketer Hiring, Training and Development program. Devising a sales building strategy, setting goals quarterly and holding weekly marketing meetings for managers and daily alley rallies for the staff is crucial to the success of promotions and upward sales.

Adding a coach to the team with both an operations and a marketing background will make your team all the stronger. Through event creation and hosting support, you’ll never miss a detail and your guest counts for special events will reach all-time highs. Need an event host or restaurant spokesperson? Ask how we can help represent your brand. We will also host special events that not only get you publicity, but will literally make you the talk of the town by wowing your guests. Coach-led Behind-the-Scenes Tours and Roundtables are the means to creating some of your best brand ambassadors and community spokespeople as well as life-long guests.

Tracking and evaluating how your restaurant is doing is just as important as the initial research and implementation, so ongoing marketing evaluations are essential. We have basic quarterly evaluations, as well as techniques to get real-time guest feedback on exactly the questions you’d like answered through focus groups and mystery diner stings. The custom secret shopper forms we can create for you are a terrific way to coach your staff and pinpoint exactly what’s working on what opportunities exist for growth.

Internal Communications

Internal communications will make or break any company. This goes ten-fold for a restaurant.

We’ll give structure to your restaurant through weekly manager meetings and marketing updates and ensure effective communication through workshops and one-on-one coaching.

We’ll assist you with employee motivation and retention through alley rallies, contesting and bonuses that only pay out when the goal is reached. Fun with purpose.

Training and Development

Beginning at the top with our Manager Kickstart Program or Marketer Hiring, Training and Development Program, continuing on with Food Run Training for immediate guest count increases and supplementing with All-staff Sales and Service Workshops to ensure your staff has all the tools it needs to succeed, we have you covered!

Earned Media

We don’t believe in purchasing hefty advertising spots or buying airtime, rather we teach you how to position yourself for Earned Media and Publicity. Rather than pay for advertising, why not invest that budget into your community and do a good deed in a way that will naturally attract media attention? We can help you plan these events, draft the press releases, and teach you best practices on how to choose the right events/initiatives for your restaurant. Giving back will not only increase your visibility in the community, but it will give your employees another reason to love what they do.

Community Partnership

Rather than paid for advertising, we teach you to invest in your community at a fraction of the cost through LSM programs, community partnerships and teaching you how to get involved with the Chamber of Commerce and other networking groups. We’ll coach you on what and how to promote, and teach you how to flip donations into marketing events every time.

Outside Sales

New to the industry? Not sure how to organize a successful catering program or how to prepare for or sell your first outside event? Ask us how we can help prepare you. Taking your food outside of the restaurant means you have guts, but you’ll want to make sure you have some backups in place, because there are always surprises.

Your Restaurant Down to a Science

We will help you identify your niche, objectives, target markets and set the strategy and evaluation systems needed to reach those goals. We’ll help you keep track of ongoing promotions, evaluate them and give you tips on how to decrease unnecessary comps.

Although in-person, word-of-mouth marketing will always be the best way to communicate and grow sales, we understand that this must be supplemented with certain tools. We’ll share with you the secrets to restaurant online social media content and contests that will translate to butts in seats and actual sales. We’ll write the social media strategy for you, and either teach your in-house marketer or manager how to manage it or get you set up with one of our partners to man the page for you.

Sales By Daypart

Is your focus on building lunch sales, late night or early dine? Maybe you have overall slow sales and aren’t sure where to start? We’ll analyze your hourly sales and compare sales by day-parts to identify where you have most opportunities for growth and break it down into manageable parts, identifying a strategy and target audience for each.

New Store Openings

Looking to open your first restaurant or add another location? We can help you with new store site visits, shopping the competition, or completing a marketing survey prior to final site selection. Once the site is selected, we can direct all pre-opening marketing tasks, from what should be promoted inside the four walls to ribbon cuttings, chamber involvement and pre-opening partnerships. Organizing press releases, friends and family nights, and staff training can all be part of your customized package. Before investing on marketing materials at openings, always consult a coach!

Critical Sales Store Visits

Did your store open up with strong weekly sales then drastically fall after the honeymoon period, or perhaps they are slowly spiraling downward? Contact us today to ask for a full marketing and sales evaluation to identify issues and determine solutions. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding is some specialized training, tweaking communications and repairing a few broken bridges; other times it requires a full-blown rescue mission with a staff overhaul and menu redesign, either way, we can provide for you what you need.

For more details on services visit the restaurant rescue, restaurant research and people development pages. To read more coach thoughts, visit the blogs here. Eager to get started? Contact us today!

Listing of Restaurant Marketing and Communications Services

New Store Site Visits and Pre-opening Marketing  

Marketing Campaign Research, Strategy, Implementation, and Evaluation  

Local Store Marketing Program and Tool Creation  

Restaurant Marketer Hiring, Training and Development  

Sales Strategy and Goal Setting  

Event Creation and Hosting  

Food Run Training  

Focus Groups and Secret Shoppers  

Behind the Scenes Tours & Roundtables  

Sales Workshops  

Catering and Events Planning  

Earned Media and Publicity 

Internal Communications and Manager Meetings  

Employee Motivation through Contesting and Bonuses 

Community and City Partnerships   

Networking and Relationship Building  

Flipping Donations into Marketing Events

Social Media and Online Strategy  

Critical Store Sales Rescue and Marketing  

Critique of All Marketing Materials  

Your Restaurant Down to a Science  

Specific Local Store Marketing Programs  

First Time Guest  

Guest Loyalty  

Gift Cards  



Food Runs  

Kids Night 

School, Church, Non-profit  

Hotel and Business