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Trouble retaining staff? Experiencing inconsistent sales trends? Perhaps you’re suspicious of inappropriate behavior or stealing, and curious what goes on in your restaurant while you’re not there? Looking for ways to cut costs and increase sales?

If you have a unique or sensitive situation, need information or support and don’t know where to turn, look no further. We’ll be able to analyze your situation, collect feedback, give you the inside scoop on your restaurant with the information your crave, and help you put systems in place to correct issues and prevent them in the future.

Maybe your frustrations are more easily identified with the inability to find and hire qualified staff, or lacking the support, time or know-how to properly train them? We’ll be able to help you build and develop your dream team who will become the face of your brand and the driving force behind your sales.

Take a look at the quiz below to see how having a coach can help you slide ahead of the competition. Then contact us today to share your issue or ask for help identifying what it may be. Whether it’s a small issue or a total restaurant recovery mission, we have the tools and connections to get you back on you back on top.

POP QUIZ – Could you benefit from a coach?

  • Have you created a happy workplace for your staff, one with an inviting culture and a great ambiance for your guests?
  • Are your sales predictable, lasting and growing?
  • Are you consistent every time in the quality of food and service given?
  • Do you hold weekly manager meetings and have great internal communication?
  • Do your managers conduct 100% table visits and host quarterly workshops to develop your team?
  • Is your staff trustworthy and a great representation of your brand even when you’re not there?
  • Have you resorted to deep discounting or those pesky coupon books, or not sure how to track your comps and promos?
  • Do you train your kitchen in ways to reduce yield waste and lower food cost points?
  • Do you have 80% repeat clientele?

Know the support you need is in training and people development? Click here – people development. Have great people and great food, but simply don’t know how to get the word out? Click here – Restaurant Marketing. Not sure of your issues or have a unique case? Check out the services listed below, then contact us about taking on your case!

Restaurant Rescue Services

  • Behind the Scenes Restaurant Rescue and Mystery Diner Stings
  • Operations, Service and Marketing Evaluations and Support
  • Problem-solving and Full FOH Support
  • Critical Store Sales Visits and Crisis Management
  • Declining or Fluctuating Sales Recovery and Growth
  • Staffing and Hiring Help and Employee Evaluations and Placement
  • Employee Retention and Motivation
  • People Development and Training
  • Assistance with Deep Discounting or Decreasing Comps
  • Culture Coaching and Sales Team Training
  • All-Staff Workshops on Steps of Service and Building Regulars
  • Manager Kick-start Programs
  • Internal & External Communications and Marketing


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