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Just because a team has a star player, it doesn’t mean they’ll make it to the playoffs.

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Just because a team has a star player, it doesn’t mean they’ll make it to the playoffs.

June 28, 2016      In Restaurant Truths No Comments

Food is not what makes a restaurant great.

It is a main component, but the overall experience is made up of several different components.

Just like in sports, just because a team has a star player (winning dish), it doesn’t mean they’ll make it to the playoffs.

A dining experience becomes memorable when everything lines up and falls into place – from the welcoming greet as soon as you walk in the door to the thank you and invite back, it takes a team of people to ensure your visit goes off without a hitch.

Often times, it’s difficult to have all your aces in places and be on your mark each time, without a coach. This is where I come in as the motivator, and the one to help everyone understand how to help each other and grow as a team together.

When I ask the community which restaurants have the best food in town, but most inconsistent service, I’m not asking to call out restaurants and read them the riot act – quite the opposite, as a Coach, I’m hunting down fan-favorites, so I can jump in, spend a little time with them to tweak their hiring, operations, or training, and help support them on their journey and mission to deliver quality food and service to you consistently each time you visit. I want Jacksonville to be known for its great Chefs AND it’s impeccable service.

A definition I often use for service is simply “anticipating the guests needs,” now if you’ve never been a server, you may have a tricky time understanding what this means. Simply put, if you see a glass of tea is only a quarter full and the meal is about to be served, you do not need to interrupt conversation to ask about a refill, you simply bring it. If dirty dishes are sitting cluttering the table, you remove them.

I help share best practices from the industry as well as common sense thoughts on how to best handle recurring scenarios in the dining room. For experienced servers and managers, we cover ways to improve the guest experience and make additional sales.

The best type of service comes with a smile, so we always discuss what makes the very best server, then discover what will motivate our employees to deliver the best each night, and put contests and motivators in place to encourage them to reach the goals set.

To be an IYCM server, you must possess 5 main qualities – friendly, knowledgeable, accurate, speedy and consistent.

Guests return to restaurants for the quality of food and service together. The total experience. IYCM helps restaurants achieve the total package to deliver to the guests.

If you have a local restaurant you love, but hesitate on returning to, please let me know. They may be a great candidate for my new program in which I offer a free sales & service class to their entire front-of-house staff.

Comment below, email or visit In Your Corner Marketing on Facebook to weigh in on which local restaurants you’d like to see bump up the quality of their service and rise to the top of Jacksonville’s restaurant scene!

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