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Apply to Receive a Complimentary Focus Group

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Apply to Receive a Complimentary Focus Group

May 12, 2016      In Restaurant Research No Comments

*Limited Time Offer*

Three Restaurants Will Be Selected to WIN a Free Focus Group Study

Three local restaurants will be selected to receive a complimentary focus group led by IYCM, Jacksonville’s premier Restaurant Marketing and Public Relations company. Learn what can be discovered about your restaurant in just a couple short hours with an experienced Marketing and PR coach designing and leading the focus group. All you have to do is supply the food and service, and IYCM will supply the answers to all of your questions related to food, service, operations and marketing, estimated to be a $250+ value.

There is no cost if you are selected as one of the three focus groups, however, restaurants will be required to allow IYCM to publish results as case studies and examples of work to show how research and coach insight can be beneficial to restaurateurs.

Locally owned, non-chain restaurants will receive first consideration. Fill out the contact form below or e-mail [email protected] today to be considered. Interested restaurants will get to choose from a pre-set series of questions or be able to select the information they would like to learn or be coached on.

Knowledge is power. Don’t just think you know the thoughts of your guests and community, have definitive answers, and be able to grow your brand on a firm foundation of facts. Holding focus groups is a great way to let your guests know that you have care and concern for their needs and wants, and that you’re constantly looking for ways to improve their experience and grow your relationship with the community.

What’s a Focus Group?

A focus group is a small cross-section of individuals who represent a broader segment of the population. These individuals express their no-hold bars opinions on the topic at hand – be it a subject, idea, service or product. These groups are led by an expert in the field who can lead the direction of the meeting without leading the results. The opinions and feedback are compiled for an in-depth read on real-time feedback on exactly the subjects or questions the client requested.

Description of an IYCM Jax Restaurant Coach Focus Group –

Two types of focus groups – one is made up of all former hospitality industry members for a more critical look. The other is made up of participants of community members who aren’t necessarily knowledgeable in the hospitality industry, but are representative of the guests and prospective guests for the restaurant.

IYCM focus groups help restaurants determine answers to a myriad of questions, for example,

  • Have you ever done a promotion and not achieved the results you would have hoped?
  • Wish you had a way to test a new menu item on small cross sections of guests before rolling out new items?
  • Curious how you stack up to competition?
  • What areas are opportunities for improvement?
  • Looking for a measurement of success?
  • Would you like to survey guests reactions to out-of-the-box ideas?
  • What do guests think about the marketing materials on the walls, tables, in the bathrooms?
  • What would get them to visit your restaurant more frequently and bring friends?
  • Are there certain types of events or promotions that would draw in a crowd?
  • Is service on point? Are ticket times and food presentation acceptable?
  • And many, many more!

 The Way It Works

Prior to the focus group, IYCM will take a look at your goals and objectives, discuss any questions you may have and organize a strategy to determine what we need to know to meet your goals. You’ll get the chance to review the questions we’ll be answering, then IYCM will hand-select the appropriate cross-section of participants.

The results will give you a snapshot of how guests view your establishment and will include their opinions on past, current and future initiatives and promotions. Should there be any sensitive feedback or critical feedback, it will be accompanied with ways to correct the issues. Every results sheet also includes sales building tips.


This allows you a platform to test ideas, strategies, and new menu items prior to rolling them out to the public. Having an industry expert lead the group gives you the benefit of unbiased feedback and not just a collection of results, but also an analyzation and direction on where to go and what to do with these results to grow your business.

Through research, we are able to test and tweak campaigns and guarantee results. Restaurant operations and marketing should not be a stab in the dark. We will gather your real-time feedback and share best practices to provide you with both a “gut-check” on how you’re doing in the eyes of your guests and be able to guide you to lasting and growing sales.

The results of both focus groups and mystery diner shops are wonderful tools to use to coach your team and track and evaluate progress.

Interested in Learning Feedback on Your Establishment, but Would Rather Not Be a Case Study with Published Findings?

 No problem, call to book your focus group today starting at only $250 + cost of food/labor for 8-12 participants. You’ll receive invaluable feedback, a testing platform for all things related to restaurant operations and marketing, and coach insight.

Every focus group also includes a write-up on your restaurant highlighting the food and service and what sets you apart from the competition.

What You’re Paying For –

  • Consulting time and custom survey build
  • Meetings to discuss concerns
  • Development of focus group questions
  • Gathering of focus group participants
  • Organization of the focus group
  • Time required to host the focus group
  • Compilation of the focus group results
  • Presentation of findings and suggestions
  • Marketing, service and operations tips and industry best practices
  • Published positive write-up highlighting what sets your restaurant apart

What Happens Post Focus Group Study?

Once the results of the focus group are analyzed and revealed. The restaurant can choose to make improvements or tweak strategies on their own, hire IYCM (based on availability), or just repeat as needed to collect invaluable feedback. 

**Please fill out the contact form below or email [email protected] for more information or to be considered to receive this service at no charge!**






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