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Why a PR expert should guide your marketing efforts

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Why a PR expert should guide your marketing efforts

April 30, 2016      In Restaurant Research No Comments

Public Relations as a learned science

public relations and marketing efforts should not be a stab in the dark. 

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, or in the science of building relationships with people. (relationships build sales)

The coach title does not come from a seminar or small series of courses. I had four years of solid, constant training in research, strategy, campaigns and communications in the top public relations program in the nation, now followed by 8 years of hand-on experience in the field, (including regional marketing and public relations for more 30 restaurant locations simultaneously).

My technique includes:

A complete evaluation of the available information and research into what others have done if appropriate.

Identification of clear objectives and goals.

Identification of target audience/key publics.

Surveying and collecting data. Speaking with key publics.


Testing tactics, promotions and campaigns  *many “marketing consultants” start & finish with this one item alone*

Tracking and measuring success rates.

Tweaking if necessary.

Creating similar programs to those most successful.

Establishing and tracking the success of on-going goals for growth in brand awareness, sales, guest counts, employee retention, & guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Teaching accountability and being results-oriented.

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