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What makes or breaks a restaurant…

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What makes or breaks a restaurant…

April 30, 2016      In Restaurant Truths No Comments
Food is generally not what makes or breaks a restaurant…     it’s the people.

If there’s a breakdown in communication, training, operations or marketing, it could mean big losses. True success and rising sales are achieved when excellence in food meets excellence in people.

The key is to create a happy workplace for your staff, one with an inviting culture and a great ambiance for your guests. Set the mood, consistently deliver on quality food, timing and service and guests will return for the experience.

Service is anticipating someone’s needs, and the invite back is just as important at the greet.

Here at IYCM, we’ll give you all of the tools, connections and support you need to develop your people, grow your brand and earn loyal, life-long guests.

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