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IYCM Four Pillars of Building Restaurant Sales

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IYCM Four Pillars of Building Restaurant Sales

April 30, 2016      In Restaurant Marketing No Comments

IYCM Strategic Sales Building Process

  • Identifying your niche, measurable objectives, target audiences
  • Maximizing existing connections, discovering new partnerships
  • Developing a strategic plan to reach those objectives, measure successes
  • Going above & beyond to wow, convert first time guests to loyal repeat guests
  • Developing people through training, tools, empowerment, support & coaching
  • Earning media attention through community partnership & giving back
  • Growing the brand based on reputation, relationships, and excellence in people, product & service

IYCM Four Pillars of Building Restaurant Sales

 Staff Buy In

          Your Story, Your Food, Knowing Your Niche

            Vision, Growth, Career Potential

            Motivation through Contesting & Rewards

            Empowerment & Meaningful Work/Giving back

Per Person Average

          Steps of Service

            Suggestive Selling

            Beverage Audits

            Table Audits

Guest Frequency – Building Regulars


            Care and Concern/Anticipating One’s Needs

            Wowing/Going Above & Beyond

            Inviting Back/Giving Reason to Return

Reaching Outside – First Time Guests  

            Strategy & Planning, Specific Programs, Target Audiences

            Food Runs, Neighbor’s First, Begin in One-Mile Radius

            Finding Events through Guests, 100% Table Visits, Brand Ambassadors

            Local Store Marketing, Community Outreach, Building Relationships & Partnerships






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