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Down in sales, so let’s cut labor?

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Down in sales, so let’s cut labor?

April 30, 2016      In Restaurant Staffing No Comments

Let’s Talk Restaurant Staffing –

Sales aren’t where you want them, so let’s cut labor, right? Find ways to cut corners while finding outside events and new guests to drive in? Let me tell you why this is the worst thing you could do for your brand and business.

Marketing begins inside the four walls of the restaurant. The easiest way to increase sales is to increase guest frequency (how often a guest returns to your establishment) or increase the average guest check. So if sales are down, we need to look at how we are doing with inviting guests to return, and spend some time making sure we’re up-selling and getting everything rung in. This may take more managers on the floor, not less.

Furthermore, if you can’t retain the guests you already have, and convert those first time guests to regulars, or loyal guests, that’s where your focus should be. I could bring you thousands of people to your doorstep, but if you can’t capture them with an overall great experience that’s memorable enough to return, you won’t have lasting sales. One-time guests do nothing but perhaps spread bad word of mouth.

Most restaurant owners look to outside events when they’re hurting for sales, but in actuality, 80% of all events, fundraisers, and caterings actually come from within the four walls – through manager and marketer table visits. The guests dining in your restaurant already know you, love you and are the very best in-person connections for you to grow your business. Don’t step outside of your restaurant to look for your community members like hotel managers and teachers, until you’ve met and partnered with the ones already dining in your restaurant.

When sales are slow, instead cutting labor and throwing dollars at advertising books, billboards and couponing, I beg you to take a step back, look at your restaurant and determine the reason why your sales aren’t where they should be – if you need a fresh set of eyes, I’m here to give you an evaluation on your food, operations, service and marketing, either a quick-rundown or a more in-depth look.

When restaurant owners approach me about a marketing or sales problem, it’s often a people problem – too little staff to give quality food and service guests demand, or overall lack of training.

Not sure what you need to do to get your sales on the upward curve? Contact me today to discuss the many options we have to get your restaurant back on track, but if you’d like my help, you’ll have to promise to let me properly staff your restaurant. Your team deserves to be set up for success.

Asking a 6-person fast casual restaurant shift to be ran with only 2-3 team members, asking servers to man 8-table sections, or managers to host, bartend and check on guests isn’t just setting them up for failure, it’s guaranteeing your sales will stay down, or at best, be in constant flux.

Bottom Line –

You staff for more than you need until you build a solid repeat customer base. Without being staffed for the sales, you’ll never have them. You must invest in your staff – build relationships, first with your staff, then teach them to do that with your guests. Become the friendliest place in town, and you’ll never have to worry about employee retention or fluctuating sales. By developing people, and striving for excellence in food and service, you’ll be able to grow a brand.

Contact me and I’ll guide you in the right direction. Having trouble finding qualified candidates, or don’t have the time/support in place to hold staff training and workshops. I can help you there too, I’ll provide all of the tools, connections, support and coaching you’ll need to build a dream team who will become the driving force behind your sales!




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